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SmartORDER is an application that enables connection between ORDERMAN wireless terminals in the SMARTSOLUTIONS system. It offers its advantages mainly in HoReCa businesses with a higher work frequency or outdoor dining terraces, which aren't connected to the bar or kitchen.
Almost the entire functionality of the SmartPOS application, can be transferred to the ORDERMAN wireless terminal. Using SmartORDER and ORDERMAN systems, your waiters will be able to serve the guests faster, reducing the possibility of misunderstanding the guests orders, the barmens / cooks can have instantaneous communication. In case the guests have special or undefined requests, you can write them down, and send them directly to the bar or kitchen, depending on the installed equipment.

Your waiters don't need to walk to the cash registers ever again! Using SmartORDER you can even print receipts right there, by the guest with the ORDERMAN belt printer! That way the guest, after he's done using your services, doesn't have to wait to pay nervously, and your table is ready to accept new guests in no time.